Land Surveying

Title / Boundary Survey

Provides an in-depth map of a property including structures, boundaries, roadways, and waterways.

Title and Boundary Survey by Long Island civil engineers.

Topographic Survey

Provide a detailed illustration of natural and man made attributes on a parcel of land including elevation points.

Topographic Survey Services by Long Island land surveyors.

Tree Survey

A map showing the location and size of major trees on a property. Major tree size varies depending on the municipality.

Tree Survey services by Northcoast Civil

Utility Survey

Plot the location of utilities and network structures installed for the transportation of those utilities in a particular area.

Long Island Utility Surveying Company, Northcoast Civil

Average Front Yard Setback

The existing average setback within a defined radius of the subject parcel. Typically required when proposing construction in the front yard.

Average Setback by Long Island land surveyors.

Bathymetric Survey

Measures the depth of a water body as well as map the underwater features of a water body with contour lines and elevations.

Bathymetric Surveying from Long Island Land Surveyors, Northcoast Civil.

Elevation Certificate

FEMA administers the flood insurance program and requires an Elevation Certificate Form for each residence located within a flood zone.

FEMA elevation certificate services an description by Long Island civil engineers.

Construction Survey

Also referred to as building surveys, are required to assist construction crews locate on-site markers such as buildings and roads.

Construction Surveys by Northcoast Civil NY

Property/Construction Layout

Clearly establish the extent of a particular parcel, with a primary focus on identifying the corners of the land.

Northcoast Civil Land Surveying for Property/Construction Layout

ALTA Survey

American Land Title Association Surveys are generally required by mortgage companies, title companies, and lenders for the approval of mortgage insurance.

ALTA Surveying by Long Island Land Surveyors.

As-Built Survey

Are used to identify improvements made to a parcel of land made to date. Typically performed at the end of a construction project.

New York Land Surveying Services for As Built Surveys by Northcoast Civil

Wetlands Survey

A survey map with plotted lines showing the boundary of a designated wetland in accordance with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Guidelines for Freshwater and Saltwater Wetlands Boundary.

wetlands surveys by Long Island land surveyors.